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Recommendation last updated on:2021-03-19T08:19:11.029000Z (UTC)

Facts Speak Lounder than Words

This graph tracks and compares the networth changes from 2 scenarios: 1. Following our publicly displayed recommendation, and 2. buying at first period and simply holding. Yes, these public recommendations are, well, public. You can simulate the networth change and verify that this graph is authentic. At the same time, these predictions are, well, just predictions. Over any short term they could very well lead to lower gains than buying and HODLing. But as the price of BTC gradually stabalizes, and experiences much more oscillation instead of monotonically soaring upwards / plunging downwards, the profitability of automated day-trading would become more and more self-evident.

Graph last updated: 2020-07-23T21:39:03.262000Z (UTC)

Artificial Intelligence at its Core and at its Best

Unlike other "prediction" websites, we focus on the short term behavior of the Bitcoin prices. We don't draw out an upward sloping line and just claim "the price will rise by 86% in two years". No. The power of our AI is that even during a period of general downward pressure on the prices, we can still make a positive gaining by exploiting the up and downs in the short term prices. We focus on the next minutes, and we do that well.

More to come:

  • Sentiment analysis from social media outlets;
  • More comprehensive data used for training our AI - Can't tell you what we plan on using, but hey, just watch the results improve!
  • Automated trading - when we demonstrate our ability to gain an edge over the market, and if you trust us enough - let our AI buy your Bits for you. For you it's just like HODLing, but with a probably even higher return!

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